Neutralising Decay

I was going to comment just like “lol, plop is going mainstream, plop hahah is naaaaice - Borat”, but the article that describes this piece of shit is so hilariously pretentious and full of itself, i just had to quote it:

"The PlopEgg Painting Performance # 1 - A Birth Of A Picture
The compressed birth of a piece of art! Slowly the egg leaves the natal canal of the artist and smashes on the canvas, red colour flows out. The next egg contains another colour and so bit by bit, accompanied only by loud “Plops”, an abstract art work originates — archaically, uncontrollably and intuitively. At the end of this almost meditative art birth performance the stained canvas is folded up, smoothed and unfolded to a symmetrically reflected picture, astonishingly coloured and full of strong universal symbolism.
The “PlopEgg Painting” itself releases a loose chain of thoughts — about the creation, fear, the symbolic strength of the casual and the creative power of the femininity. A comparison to wild associations arises and by the intensity of the seen and experienced, one becomes clear: the art needs like so often the corporeity to be able to manifest itself.
Milo Moire’s performances start with daydreaming, with (every)daily, personal physical experiences which condense by wild associations to an internal whole piece of art about to mature and enter the world. The corporeity becomes the need for her artistic expression to make the happened - also for the spectator - experienceable. Milo Moire describes her art, as an „art led by intuition. To create art, I use THE original source of the femininity — my vagina”.
Milo Moire opens her performance cycle “The PlopEgg Painting Performance # 1 - A Birth of a Picture” on the famous art fair Art Cologne — a place at which the art gets involved in the flirtation with big figures. The hashtag 1 stands for the first Art-Birth-Picture. Other performances should follow worldwide.
Within the context of art (performance), commerce (art fair) and opinion creation (media) a deliberate-accidental creation act happens, which instantly provokes ambivalent interpretations. „In my art i try to create mental doors”, the artist says. And there is always at least one door left to pass through a mirror.”



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kotka prison tats - very importaning’s 


cut my bangs short



cut my bangs short


 Gennadi Vassilievich, Gulag Prisoner
"To escape the firing squad, Gulag prisoners would get the portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin tattooed on their chest. Who would have dared shoot at one of Socialism’s heroes? Gennadi Vassilievich had done his military service in the ’50s. He had traveled all the way to the Chinese border under Stalin’s order. After the collapse of Socialist ideology, Gennadi added a cross.
On the Russian bank of the Amur River, I observed him, staggering along, lost and dressed in rags. Through his half-opened shirt, I saw his tattoo. I came near him and greeted him. I detected fear in his eyes. I introduced myself and asked his name. With difficulty, as though he were scouring his memory, he announced, ‘Gennadi Vassilievich,’ and started to weep. Then he apologized. “You know, nobody has asked me my name in ten years. Nobody. Ever since the day I was thrown out of the plant where I worked, out of the house I lived in. I have roamed the streets for ten years.’”

by Reza
 girl with Donetsk Republic flag ♥

 girl with Donetsk Republic flag